02 September 2011

thank you juriko!

A little update to the story of my personal desk illustration from Juriko ~ I'll share with you the photo I ended up sending to her. I had to take one at night because of all the reflections on the desk from the sunlight coming in the windows. 

She took the time to turn it into one of her beautiful drawings, making it light and bright and adding little touches of color here and there, softly showing just a few select reflections in the glass. I admire her work so much. 

Please go see my desk as interpreted by Juriko on her blog here!

Some of Juriko's other paintings and works are in her online gallery here.

And... if you missed it before, you might also like the collection of her work I posted earlier this year. I always find there's something honest about her work that resonates with me.

I'm very excited because she gave me permission to print off her drawing so I can frame it to hang near the window. Thank you, Juri!


foxie small said...

the drawing is cool and it is very nice

Juriko Kosaka said...

Hi Kimi:)

I'm really happy!
I enjoyed drawing your desk very much!
I like people like you.
I feel people's life.
Everyone's beautiful days:)
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

omg what an awesome little "collaboration" hehe!!! i was also SUPER flattered to not only see my elk & 6 cardinals in such a dignified spot in your desk space, but to also see juriko's interpretation of it!!! so cute. made my heart flutter a little. thanks for sharing.

kimi said...

Thank you for the feedback on this fun little project, my friends! Juriko is so sweet that she's mailing me a print of her drawing and I've asked her to include a photo for me to draw for her. So the project shall continue!

foxie small ~ Nice to hear from you! I think you are my youngest 'commenter'. xoxo <3

Juriko ~ I think I might be one of your top fans... ^_^

Jessica ~ But of course! That print of yours is one of my favorites. I love the way your printed it on a book page. I like to have it close by so I can revel in it now and then. :)