13 February 2011

inspiration ~ {juriko kosaka}

I've come to know an artist in Japan named Juriko Kosaka whose work I really admire. She makes many sketches of scenes or people from her daily life using a sketch app on her iPhone. She also paints in acrylics using a sparse but warm style. I'm always amazed by her work because no matter what she paints, the simple essence of her subject really comes through.

Images from Juriko's blog

In Onsen, I can feel the heat and steam of the hot spring, while Aromaticus gives a feeling of cool mint or herbs on a hot day. Neko captures Hana the cat's personality and soft fur.

She recently participated in an art show based on Karuta. Karuta is a children's word game that involves thinking of a word that starts with a certain syllable or letter. The next person has to think of a word that starts with the last letter of the player before him.

I am looking forward to seeing more artwork from Ms. Juriko. Here's her interpretation of "dusty" to enjoy.

Image from Juriko's blog.

You can find more art on her blog or by following her on twitter or even flickr!


Juriko Kosaka said...

Thank you, Kimi:)
I'm enjoying to see many works on people(like you)'s site.
They motivate me to paint works.

kimi said...

You're welcome, Juriko! It's the same for me - I'm always inspired when I get to know other artists and see what they share. I hope one day to go to Japan and see your paintings in person. :)

Dana said...

I agree, Kimi! I've been enjoying Juriko's work through twitter for awhile now.
Very nice post.

kimi said...

Thank you for your nice comment, Dana. It's nice to meet a fellow Juriko fan here! :) Thanks for visiting my blog.