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The Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, NY creates numerous projects each year that are open to artists around the world. I really enjoyed participating in the Sketchbook Project series, both for the challenge of creating a cohesive book on a theme, and for the camaraderie and friendships made with other participants.

The completed sketchbooks are housed in the Sketchbook Library in Brooklyn, but also go on tour around the United States and Canada. I'm fortunate to live near one of the stops - San Francisco - so I can visit the tour and check out many amazing books created by artists from many countries.

Artists also have their work archived digitally on the Art House site. I'd be delighted if you'd find me on Art House. ^_^ I've met very talented artists from around the world through this project; if you made a sketchbook I'd love to see it!

Sketchbook Project 2014

Working on the theme This Is Not About Me, I compiled a set of my father's haiku poems and illustrated them with my own interpretation. He had just passed away so this particular book had special meaning for me. (I had to skip the 2013 project because we were so busy taking care of him and fighting his illness.) The poems are about nature, Japan, love, life ~ and some are humorous ~ so it was uplifting to work on this artistic collaboration with my dad, even posthumously. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Sketchbook Project 2014 on Flickr

Sketchbook Project 2012

My theme for the Sketchbook Project in 2012 was Uncharted Waters. I became inspired by the Norwegian explorer Nansen and his ship, the Fram. I wanted a simple book and to try creating new details with paper cut-outs that I could achieve by rebinding the book.

 Sketchbook Project 2012 on Flickr

Limited Edition Sketchbook Project 2012

Although I was already working on the regular 2012 Sketchbook Project, I signed up for the Limited Edition Sketchbook Project when I learned that each artist would have a page featured in a series of art books. The number of participants was limited to 5,000 and the books would not travel as in the other projects, but would exhibit solely in Brooklyn. I couldn't get my head around any of the themes at first and wasted a good deal of time, but was saved by a tired little bee showing up on my kitchen floor. I decided she was my theme and finished the book as quickly as I could, barely making the deadline. Later I chose the Create and Capture theme as it seemed the best match for my book.

Limited Edition on Flickr
Unfortunately, when I received my art book I was really disappointed in its quality and in the sizes of the artworks featured. It was more like a catalog than a true art book. I felt rather misled and since then have not felt motivated to join more Sketchbook Project activities, though I do value the experience I had with the other books and I still love attending the tours.

Sketchbook Project 2011

2011 was the first time I participated in the Sketchbook Project. It was so exciting to receive the blank book in the mail and make my plans to fill it up! I struggled a little with the thin papers as the ink I used on the cartoon areas showed through on the other side. In the end, I alternated diary-type pages with a little tale of fantasy inspired by local places in the Bay Area that I visited that summer. My theme was Lights in the Distance.

Click on the photo above to go to my 2011 Sketchbook Project Flickr set. :)

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