24 August 2011

my desk

I'm very happy with my new desk!

You might recall back in the spring when I was searching for the perfect desk for my own little art corner. I received encouragement and advice from many twitter folk that helped me ultimately decide on a glass-topped number from CB2. I think it was rainbow maker Anika Starmer (of @aisforanika) who mentioned that a glass top was useful for doubling as a light table. Since my corner is small, I also figured the glass would help the room to stay a bit more airy and not weighed down with heavy furniture.

It's working out very well and I've been getting lots done there! It has a keyboard tray but since I have a laptop I use the tray to keep mail art and pretty things from artist friends around the world.

At the upper left you can see a beautiful "K" topiary drawing from Toni Rica (the fox-painted CD is from her, too). There's an etched butterfly from Jeannine Saylor next to the "K" and a cute print from Gizem Vural to the right of that. Gizem (@ponchikk) also made the girl bookmark in the lower right. Smack in the middle is the envelope of mail art I just received from Jessica Gowling. It is chock full of bison and buffalo! I'll be sharing that with you soon. @jessicagowling also made me the collage with KIMI on it to the left of her package. I like keeping the work of artistic friends close by ~ nice to have something tangible while we're chatting at distance through our respective screens.

Recently, @Juriko in Japan posted a drawing of her husband's desk and offered to draw others' desks as well. I had also really liked the drawing she did of her own workplace too.

I realize that with all the reflection of the shoji screens in the glass, my desk may be a little difficult to sketch.

I think this is the angle she normally illustrates from...

Perhaps I'll take another shot this evening when the light is different, and maybe add my Macbook there to make it easier for her (and more consistent with the drawings she's done already). 

So fun to collaborate with other artists around the world. Let's keep creating, everyone! Now that I've got my desk, I'm ready!


SaylorMade said...

That is a very nice desk & I love that you have favourite pieces of mail art watching you create. I rotate special pieces on a shelf near my desk. Once I get my bulletin board up, it'll be packed. :D

Juriko Kosaka said...

Cool desk!
Ah, glass desk is nice!
I'm thinking of buying a light board.

And thank you for infomation of my project!
I got your mail today!
I'm happy to see many artist on twitter like you.
I had good inspirations from them.

naturesmyfriend said...

Kimi you are such a doll - this desk is lovely, but more so to know that my work and my mail art are being held in a special place amongst your creative studio is so awesome! I am so happy mail at has brought you so many lovely things and lovely friends. It has been so awesome to sit back and watch the mail art thing just take off on twitter! I hope you love the latest package - she sure travelled fast!!! Looking forward to when you post about it! all the best, Jess

WindFlower7 said...

Glass desk is good for artists since it is easy to clean and strong! I went to Michael today to take a look at a drafter. I have not decided to buy yet however ... ^-^;;