19 September 2011

biking with my canadian mail

Jessica's bison fluttered in the breeze.

What do you like to do with your mail art after you receive it? Hang it about your studio? Admire it on your desk for a while? Tuck it in a secret drawer? I've done all those things, but today I decided that my mail art needed some fresh air. So I borrowed a bicycle and gave my treasured envelopes from Jessica Gowling and Jeannine Saylor a first-class view from the front basket.

As we rode along, certain places seemed to fit particular pieces of mail art. Both Jessica and Jeannine are always very generous and full of creativity with their mail art. I'm excited to share how these treats from Canada fit so well in their new home in California. Away we go!

* M A I L - A R T from J E S S I C A *

Jessica's (signed and numbered!) roaring buffalo print felt at home with the tall grasses. Their bushy tails mimicked his fur.

The bay horizon made a nice contrast to the yellow stripe. (And I tried to have creative hands when photographing the "Creative Hands" book spine.)

Jessica's cute envelope of road trip stickers nestled in with the bicycle tire.

The lightning bolts on this sticker were a good match for the power lines.

Jessica also sent me a proof of her moose print. He was so fine we took his picture on the path where the grey road could let him shine alone.

I really loved receiving Jessica's package and discovering all the delights inside. She also sent a little book about apple picking, perfect for fall and back-to-school. I should have photographed it on the lawn by the park's playground, but by the time I got back there I was so hot and tired that I forgot! The mail and I rode about six miles today and I made the dreadful mistake of starting around noon on what turned out to be a very hot day.

The ride was definitely worth it, though. Look at all these pelicans!

And now...

* M A I L - A R T from J E A N N I N E *

Jeannine handmade her envelope from a magazine with a turtle on it. He liked this spot in the plant where he could appear to be climbing into the water.

This part of the path had lots of dry branches. A passport tag, a paintbrush and a teeny framed picture of the universe hung on in the breeze.

I really like her silhouette series. The feather and the leaves joined her cave mixed media piece in the flowers along the path.

Close-up of the cave ~ it's one of my favorites. So simple, yet very rich with subtle texture!

It turns out these flowers have the same name as me.

We returned to the turtle theme at the end of the ride. A tiny "outer space" envelope housed four Canadian stamps that hung out with the turtles in the sand.

Now I shall get busy putting their replies together and into the mail. As usual, I've been gathering bits and bobs but need to sit down and perfect the collection for mailing. Thank you Jeannine and Jessica for being so patient until I could get this post together and share the wonderful things you sent me. Keep an eye on your mailbox for my replies! ^_^


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH KIMI!!! what an amazingly creative post!!! i feel so special & honoured to have my artwork & objects I sent to you displayed in such a beautiful way. LOVELY. simply LOVELY. awesome read.

kimi said...

So glad you loved it, Jessica! I've been holding on to your envelope and wanted to post about it earlier but didn't feel a regular photograph was adequate for the happiness the contents brought me. When I had the opportunity to take a bike ride in the Baylands for work this afternoon ~ riding through nature ~ I knew I had to bring your mail-art along! "Nature's my friend" artwork really shines in the natural setting, doesn't it? ^_^

Mari said...

these pictures and the landscape, very inspiring...thanks for sharing this. Love it!

Annarack said...

You got some pretty awesome things here and I like your presentation in the photos too :)

SaylorMade said...

This is so inspired and wonderful! I'm honoured that my mail art had such an adventure.

kimi said...

Grazie Mari! Thanks, Anna! I realized on this ride that I was a bit out of shape, so I shall have to plan more mail-art exercise excursions in the future. haha ^_^ I'm very happy that you enjoyed the post Jeannine!

Kye Sangha said...

Such a fun post-you made me think wishful thoughts about bike riding! Also-now I'm excited about the mail art that is going in the post tomorrow. Thank you!

ejorpin said...

Just gorgeous photos - I am a bit jealous of your lovely bike and it's basket, and of that beautiful bay! I've been dreaming of getting a bike here in Seoul but the consensus seems to be that it's pretty dangerous on the roads for cyclists :(

Oh, and lovely mail art packages too!