20 September 2011

portrait:landscape ~ on its way!

The portrait:landscape book began its journey around the world today! Looking at the list of artists it will visit I wished I could travel along to meet everyone in person.

I put all the contributors' names in the front, added a table of contents, completed my portrait and landscape, and wrote a little something on a local postcard for the back pocket. Have a look!


End papers (front)

Title Page      

Table of Contents

My self-portrait (mixed media)

My landscape (watercolor)

Blank Pages 8-9 ~ for Chiori!

Back Pocket (with my postcard peeking out)

Now it's in the mail, on its way to my dear friend @hooka111. The journey begins! ^_^


Thuraya Lynn said...

my insides are getting way excited, indeed let it begin!

yuuco said...

Does this small note book travel around the world? Great! Hope this could come to my town! :)

tricky said...

:))) yeeeey
this is so exciiitiiing :)))
I did a little calculation, and hopefully I'll have it in my hands in about 6 months :)))
your self-portrait look really amazing!

Annarack said...

Your drawing and collage is lovely, This is getting me so excited.

Kye Sangha said...

Those pages are beautiful! I am so excited about this project and really looking forward to seeing it in person.

SaylorMade said...

I am SO excited to be part of this project. You've kicked it off with a great start!!

kimi said...

I'm thrilled that everyone is so excited and looking forward to the book's arrival to their own town. I had a good time making my pages and can't wait to see yours!

Yuko ~ it will pass through Tokyo when @Juriko gets the book. But maybe later on we can have it be part of a show in the box gallery? ^_^

WindFlower7 said...

Hi artists!
See my updates on http://lavenderpony.blogspot.com/2011/09/dear-artists-traveling-book-is-here-2nd.html

I will add more later :D

Heedless said...

I got the book in the mail today!! Super fun!!! Should I photograph and blog my art in process..or should it be a secret??

kimi said...

Definitely keep us posted! It will be so fun to see the book's progress as it makes its way around the world. ^_^

WindFlower7 said...

Yay! @HeedlessCeramic received it! Cannot wait her work posted! Send us the link ^-^;;

yuuco said...

That's a great idea! We should talk about it more~ :)

kimi said...

I've given this project its own page on this blog! You can see page links at top, or go to: http://kimikobashi.blogspot.com/p/portraitlandscape.html

I'll put the links to each artist's work there as they publish it! (Just click on their name). ^_^

Yuuco ~ yes! This is a busy week for me but after the 8th I'll have a little more time and we can make some plans together.

Annarack said...

I want draw in it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!