is a collaborative sketchbook of female artists from nine different nations. Follow along as it makes a single revolution around the world ~ from the United States to England, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Kuwait, Australia, Japan, Canada and back again ~ garnering portraits of seventeen artists in their unique landscapes.

[noun]        1. a painting, drawing, photograph or engraving of a person, esp. one depicting only the face, 
                      head or shoulders.  
                    - a representation or impression of someone or something in language or on film.  
[adjective]  2. (of a page, book or illustration, or the manner in which it is set or printed) 
                      higher than it is wide.

[noun]        1. all the visible features of an area of countryside or land, often considered in terms of their 
                      aesthetic appeal. 
                    - a picture representing an area of countryside.  
                    - the genre of landscape painting  
[adjective]  2. (of a page, book or illustration, or the manner in which it is set or printed) 
                      wider than it is high.

Each artist will fill four pages total ~ two with a self-portrait and two with a landscape of their town or neighborhood ~ and include a postcard in the back pocket with a few words about themselves and their art. (The portraits and landscapes are not required to be in portrait and landscape orientation). 

See the original post for a full description of the project and meet the participating artists below!

travel itinerary
United States
Kimi Kobashi         @kimikobashi  ~ currently has the book  mailed on 9/20/11 (CA)

Chiori Tasaki          @hooka111 ~ received the book on 9/21/11 & sent on 9/27/11 (CA)

Russelle Adams      @HeedlessCeramic  ~ received the book on 9/29/11; sent on 10/15/11 (OR)

Kye Sangha             @KyeSangha   ~ received the book on 10/18/11; sent on 11/30/11. (CO)

Carol Whitley         @imsilverfeather ~ received on 12/1/11; sent the book on 1/19/12  (GA)

Anika Starmer        @aisforanika ~ received on 1/24/12; sent on 2/29/12  (MD)

Anna Jane Searle    @annajanesearle ~ received the book 3/11/12; sent it 4/10/12

Valeria Poropat       @ValeriaDraws ~ received the book 4/19/12; sent on 5/7/12

Tatjana Odovic       @TrickyTanya ~ received the book 5/11/12 ... sent the book on 9/1/12. Sometimes life throws you a curve. I want to thank Tanya for contributing these beautiful pages despite hardships she faced.

Gizem Vural           @littleteashi ~ should have received the book in early September 2012 but she moved to Ithaca, NY and her mother also moved away from the address where the book was sent. Yikes! All this beautiful artwork is now hopefully heading back to Tanya after its trip to Istanbul. Please send it your positive thoughts for a safe return to one of our contributing artists!
(updated 20 September 2012)

Oh dear. The book has not shown up yet. I may need to start a new one for the second half of the journey and hope that the original makes its way home somehow. Let's hope it comes home in 2013!
(December 2012)

Thuraya Lynn         @thurayalynn

Nicolle Cheung       @heartleftbehind
Jessica Mack           @BrownPaperBunny

Juri Kosaka             @juriko

Jessica Gowling      @jessicagowling
Jeannine Saylor       @saylor_made

United States
Toni Rica                 @tonirica
... and back to Kimi Kobashi

As artists complete their pages, links to photos of their contributions will be posted here, so check back every so often and follow along!


Toni Rica said...

YEAH!!!! So nice to see many familiar names here and new ones too, so so so excited!

Heedless said...

So I have more drawing to do..but thinking ahead to sending the book to Kye..do I get the address from her?...

Will Blog my photos when I am finished and let you know...FUN project!!!

kimi said...

Hi Russelle ~ So glad you're enjoying the project! Check the back pocket where the postcards are being tucked ~ the address list should be there with some brief instructions. If not, I'll mail a complete new one for you to replace there so it can make it around the world! ^-^

tricky said...

wow, it's going faster than I thought it would... I can't wait to have it here, but I even wish I was the last in the line, so I could flip through all the pages and see all the drawings live

Kye Sangha said...

It is moving really fast! Exciting watching it fill up!

Illustrateur said...

Oh I'm so excited for my turn!

Juriko Kosaka said...

I thought about this project again.
This is big project!
The sketchbook is traveling on so long ways.
I imagine it. that's very fun:)
Thank you Kimi!

WindFlower7 said...

I like @KyeSangha 's art.
Thanks Kimi for her dedication of tracking the sketchbook so we all can enjoy timely ^-^

Kye said...

Thank you! And I know--isn't she doing a great job? I'm so impressed by her organization & diligence!

Kye said...

Anika-I ~love~ your landscape!!!

Thuraya Lynn said...

*clap, clap* exciting!

Heedless said...

YAY!!..more clapping....I love to watch this book progress...I will post this on my Heedless FB ..HUGS

SaylorMade said...

Inching ever closer to ME!!!

Euphoria said...

Your work is very original. (Thank you for visiting my blog, by the way!)