09 September 2011

new traveling book ~ {portrait:landscape}

The cover so far... I carved and stamped the girl and will add a title next.

We've been talking about it on twitter for a week, I've been bustling around on my end, and now ~ at last! ~ I'm ready to unveil our new collaborative project as it changes from bright idea to something we're actually doing. It's a new traveling sketchbook (a Moleskine Watercolour Notebook, to be precise) that has its own theme and a big line-up of talent ready to fill it up!

The theme(s): Self-Portrait & Landscape

Self-Portrait ~ Each artist gets a double-page spread to express their self-portrait in the broadest sense possible. The self-portrait is not limited to a bust or facial view, but can be abstract, representational and even figure-less. It is a portrait of the artist in whatever form pleases the artist or best communicates their character. I think it will be really interesting to see how each artist represents themselves.

Landscape ~ Because the book has many pages, each artist gets a second double-page spread on which to create a landscape of the area where they live. The landscape will be an interpretation of the artist's actual city or neighborhood (as opposed to a mental landscape or personal universe that would fall more on the self-portrait side). With each artist's unique style, it will be fascinating to see their interpretations of their surroundings.

I was initially nervous about choosing a theme, but I think the portrait : landscape theme is a fun play on words. Incidentally, artists are welcome to turn the booklet to 'portrait' or 'landscape' orientation for their respective drawings, but this is definitely not required in any way. Feel free to do what you wish!

The Talent:

Jessica Mack @BrownPaperBunny
Jessica Gowling @jessicagowling
Jeannine Saylor @saylor_made
Kye Sangha @KyeSangha
Anna Jane Searle @annajanesearle
Anika Starmer @aisforanika
Nicolle Cheung @heartleftbehind
Toni Rica @tonirica
Thuraya Lynn @thurayalynn
Juri Kosaka @juriko
Russelle Adams @HeedlessCeramic

and... room for four more contributors. I'm waiting to hear back from two more, so that leaves at least two spots open if anyone is interested! Just let me know.

The book will travel by mail to each participant and return at the end to me. I'll finish it off with an introduction, table of contents, etc. Then, one day in the future... we'll have an art show of collaborative books and we'll all gather together to eat, drink champagne, dance and have an art party. Perhaps Toni Rica will play guitar and sing for us! Doesn't hurt to dream, right? ;-)

The very simple and general "rules" of this collaboration:

1. When an artist receives the book, they have two weeks to complete their artwork. If life intervenes and you must take three weeks, then take three and don't panic or fret. However, a two week limit is more ideal since there are 16 artists that need a turn. Just do your best! :)

2. In the back pocket, each artist is encouraged to place a postcard from their town/area/country with a little note about themselves or their artwork. Since we have participants from many different places in the world, it will be fun to see their drawings as well as a postcard of their hometown.

3. Artists, please send me a message via twitter, email or this blog when the book arrives to you and again when you mail it off to the next artist. A list of the artists in sequence will be in the back pocket so it will be easy to tell where it goes next.

4. Please post pictures and information on your blog or twitter so that all the other participants can follow along and see the book's gradual development! We'll all be looking forward to seeing each person's contribution and the book's progress.

5. Have fun!

That's about it. If I've left out any information or you have any questions, just ask. I want to give a big Thank You to all my dear friends that are participating! You guys make me very happy. ^_^


Annarack said...

Cannot wait, seriously....I already have an idea for my portrait and a postcard, just need to think what to do for me landscape.

Anonymous said...

party on. looking forward to it. great idea for the theme kimi!

tricky said...

oh, that sounds cool... could I? :)

kimi said...

Glad that everyone likes the theme! This is going to be such fun.

Anna ~ That's exactly the reaction I hoped for! Sparks of creativity flying! :D Can't wait to see what you do with your pages.

Tanya ~ Yes, I'll reserve you a spot! Just send me your address via twitter DM or by my email kimikobashi {at} ymail.com and I'll put you on the list.

This leaves just one spot left... who will it be?

Thuraya Lynn said...


i'm so excited!
should i dm you my address kimi? :)

kimi said...

Yes, please, Thuraya! Thank you!

Carol | @silverfeather said...

I love your idea! Thanks so much for asking me to join, Kimi. I am so excited about it!

Heedless said...

I LOVE the theme!...so honored to be included!!

Kye Sangha said...

This Book certainly has a good start in the cover-I'm so taken with it! Really happy to be part of this collaborative effort with some of my very favorite twitter friends-thanks so much for including me!

SaylorMade said...

This is a great idea and a fantastic theme. I'm really looking forward to contributing!

Jessica Mack said...

So so pretty. Can't wait!

anika said...

This is really cool; it'll be so fun to have a book with a collection of work by so many talented artists. Happy to be a part of it and looking forward to my turn! :)

WindFlower7 said...

Ah ~ ha, looks like traveling book ~ { portrait:landscape } has departed and is comming toward me !!

I have selected design and material, will see ...