23 February 2011

spring anticipation

A storm came through, leaving a crown of snow on the mountains around our valley. Now we have a little respite of sunshine before the next rain blows through. The meteorologist tells me to expect a wet weekend so until then, I'm happily donning my skirts, light sweaters and more delicate shoes that can't abide puddles. And out of my ink pen and brush are coming thoughts and images of springtime: flowers and dresses and balmy breezes!

Wishing for a fashion garden that sprouts
shoes, sandals, handbags & dresses!


Juriko Kosaka said...

Hi Kimi!
I have spring anticipation too.
I especially like your fasion garden:)

kimi said...

Hi Juriko! Thanks! I feel it even more now that there is a possibility of snow this weekend way down here at sea level ~ extremely rare for the Bay Area. Exciting, but so unusual that I don't own a proper warm coat for the event. Would be nice to transport instead to the fashion garden... ^_^