16 February 2011

express to: canada

It was time for me to send something back to Jessica Gowling after receiving the mailbox goodness she sent to me. A little collection of art bits gathered to hop in her package.

Water color envelope with happy contents.

I had to use a little box because of the secret agent man that wanted to go along. He's one of those romantic types with an old fashioned style. Also had to send a little cityscape along with him, since he's used to skyscrapers and city bustle. It folds out and stands up so he can always feel at home.

Carved a J on top and a heart below so he could also be a stamp.

The travel time was much longer than I thought. After one week passed, I was a little anxious. Happily, I recently heard that everything arrived safely. This is my first mail art exchange and first attempt at stamp making. I liked the way the need to create an art gift got me to try some new things.


Juriko Kosaka said...

Your little man stamp is cute and interesting!

kimi said...

Thanks, Juriko-san! He was fun to make and I just got mail art back from Jessica with stamps that proved he really worked!