19 February 2011

traveling journal

Brown Paper Bunny (aka Jessica Mack) has started a traveling journal and I've signed up to participate! I heard about it from graphic designer Elizabeth Caldwell (@ecdesignz). Both of them did the Sketchbook Project (which just started its tour today ~ so exciting!) and wanted to keep the fun going.

This book is interesting because the pages fold out accordion-style, so everyone's images will eventually connect. Each artist will complete two spreads and the dominant color must be blue. She's calling it "Mix Tape" so the subject matter is quite open. Here is Brown Paper Bunny's first spread:

Image from Brown Paper Bunny's blog.

I'm looking forward to inventing my two pages and to also see what others have come up with. It reminds me a little of Sandra Dieckmann's Haus Stories, although her collaboration goes vertical and is an online art connection. (One of these days I must make a story for that house!)

I haven't heard what will happen to the traveling blue journal once it's finished, but I like that the collection will be tactile with all pieces physically gathered together at the end.

It's fun to meet the other artists that will contribute. Besides me, Brown Paper Bunny & Liz Caldwell, here are some of the others who have signed up so far:

  • Sara Carns ~ a crafter & scrapbooking photographer who is also a stay-at-home mom in Arizona
  • Lisa McDonald ~ graphic designer, writer of comics & painter from Australia
  • Helen @Red1332 ~ photographer, knitter, artist in Pennsylvania who is also a programmer, gamer & geek
  • Susan @MagicBartender ~ I couldn't entirely follow her self-description but she seems like a wild & crazy gal (grandma?) from Maryland that paints and journals.

If you are interested in joining in, please send an email to carrot{at}brownpaperbunny{dot}com and let her know!

Update: several of my favorite artistic friends have joined in!

  • Thuraya Lynn ~ something of a poet living in a surreal world of her own, zine author, sweet sketcher, passionate about Japan but living in Kuwait.
  • Juriko Kosaka ~ ah, I've already gone on about her in an earlier post! Tokyo painter who also captures the people she sees in digital sketches.
  • Jessica Gowling ~ my mail art pal and creative printmaker and Canadian artist, always super nice, outgoing and positive. She's so creative that her Sketchbook Project was covered in fur!
Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for our connected blue scenes.

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