19 January 2012

a t-rex in my mailbox

The cool clothespin photo inspired me to photograph these on the clothesline but the light wasn't quite in the right place and the line kept wanting to twirl. Harder than I thought!

My first mail art of the year arrived from the sweet and generous Jeannine Saylor, who sent me hand-drawn stickers, a charming assortment of illustrations, a stamped letter and photos all tucked into a handmade envelope. She sent this all to me even though I actually owe her at least two envelopes of mail (and now three!). But that is Jeannine for you ~ she is super kind and thoughtful like that. I am very lucky to know her. Check it out:

I pinned them to my grape vine trellis instead where I could admire them all together.

The T-Rex is colored in a soft palette with (I think) colored pencil. It makes me think he's very gentle and is probably opening his mouth to sing rather than to eat. The daffodil is also very soft and springlike. As the weather gets chillier here, I'm grateful for spring reminders!

Additionally, as she promised on her blog, she sent me Valeria Poropat's Traveling Sketchbook, which is small and delicate ~ not what I had expected from seeing earlier artists post photos of their contributions! I was expecting a big, fat journal and here it was so tiny and light. It was a nice surprise.

Each panel is fairly narrow and long and the theme is completely open. Here it is with all the accordion folds opened, up to my blank panel that awaits me.

The book started with Valeria in Rome and has since been to Serbia, and various places on the East Coast and in Canada.

What shall I draw? I haven't decided yet. Am still enjoying all the goodies Jeannine sent me and the seven illustrations in this booklet that have come before mine. Hmmm, this will be fun!


SaylorMade said...

Oh Kimi, I don't keep track of who owes who. I simply couldn't send the journal without a few sweet extras. The two illustrations are prints from watercolours I did this fall. The clothesline postcard is from a wonderful lady called Amber Ek who runs Oakmoss, a natural soap and scent shop on Etsy. She has a wonderful and peaceful blog with beautiful photograph. http://oakmossfamily.blogspot.com/

Can't wait to see your page in the sketchbook!

kimi said...

See, your reply just proves how thoughtful you are! I will check out Oakmoss and Amber's blog and get some peaceful and pretty inspiration. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun! cant wait to see what you add into this book! am also looking forward to adding to your traveling journal in the new year!

anika said...

It's fun to see the pages that have come after my drawing, and I'm really looking forward to see what you add. I think your travelling journal should be arriving at my house today!

tricky said...

oooh, it looks great!
what a joy seeing it all filled up with lovely drawings!
I can't wait to see it completed with your work!

kimi said...

I was just at our art show telling some guests about our traveling book and how it should arrive to you any day now. I'm very interested to see the landscape you choose to draw as I was born in your state and have only returned once. I remember lots of green but I'm curious how you will depict it! :)

kimi said...

I want to keep your little bird and all the mail stamps! They're so charming!

kimi said...

I love having my long-distance twitter artist friends' work in my own hands to see in person. I love the collaborative effort. This little book is turning out very nicely. ^_^