21 January 2012

opening night!

Our Trans-Pacific Art Show Opening Night was all I hoped for and more. I'm still in awe of all the wonderful people we had collaborating together to make this idea a reality. It was an event that attracted the nicest people around. May I take you on a tour of our evening?

Entrance to Bay Street Cafe'. My latest painting greets you!

Just inside, canvases by Rica and Trina, Ikecoo's sculpture, Yukie's pottery and Yuuco's printed bags.

Rica chats with two guests who are about to take up oil painting.

Many people were fascinated by the Mail Art Suitcase ~ so much to discover in there!

Where better to enjoy a chai tea than surrounded by art and music?

Speaking of music, Walter played for us most of the evening ~ such a treat!

The murals at Bay St. are lovely & complimented my canvas and Shingo's framed works.

Three of Chiori's new acrylics: Morning, Daytime and Night.

Rica's print went well with Ikecoo's Animal Kingdom illustrations.

Ben was inspired to sit down and start drawing. He gathered a crowd; Rica and I were thrilled to have live art at our show!

Kanae's triptych got a lot of attention. This quiet wall really displayed the detail of her work.

Anyone like sweets? Or savories?

Cheesecake... mmm...

As promised, Sayid made his now famous coffee art too!

One young artist brought us her portfolio to review. She's only 6 years old but very dedicated to art.

We hung one of her drawings in the show and took a picture together, posed like the lady she drew. Her mom has promised to send me photos of her new artworks now and then! :)

There actually ended up being three additional drawings from young artists added to our show, which was a delightful highlight of the night as they were so proud to participate and become a part of the "magic". We received the sweetest notes and drawings in the guest book describing the night as "magical"!

I am so thankful to everyone that came to support us, and everyone that helped to make this happen! All the artists, all the Bay St. staff, Davin (our coordinator), our families and all the musicians, artists, photographers and other art lovers that joined us ~ it was a splendid evening! Thank you!

Our art will be on display for three weeks, so if you missed out on Opening Night there's still time to enjoy!


Juriko Kosaka said...

What a cute young artist!
I like her drawing.
I'm happy to see my drawing there.
thank you:)
I also like the coffee art.
That's cool!

SaylorMade said...

What a wonderful exhibit & experience! My eyes teared a little for the sweet little artist. I hope that's a memory she'll have forever and continues to pursue her artistic journey.

kimi said...

She walked in with her folder under her arm and her back so straight, looking around at the art. I saw her and asked, "Are you an artist?" and she nodded with a big smile. Her mom explained that ever since she heard about the show, she said she "must go and meet the artists." She takes an art class after school and draws at least 30 drawings a week! Her mom is going to email me some drawings now and then (the "best" ones). ^_^

kimi said...

Hi Juri! It was a real joy to include the young artists and to inspire others. Your watercolors caught people's eye right away and they were also very interested in the story of your desk drawings. I told them about the series of desks you were doing and the show you're planning in Tokyo. They were very impressed! :)

WindFlower7 said...

Hi Kimi!

Congrats on the great evening. I am glad that I am part of it!!

kimi said...

Hi Chiori! Thank you so much for all your hard work setting up and helping to promote our event. It was great to see D & E-kun too. We'll have to make it possible for E & M to get together again soon! Thank you again and congratulations to you, too. :)

Chantal said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. Would have loved to see it if I was in the area : )

kimi said...

Ah, one day I'd like to travel the world and meet all my artistic friends. Let me know if you're ever in the SF Bay Area! :)

ejorpin said...

Looks and sounds like a gorgeous evening - I absolutely love the idea of the exhibition being added to on the night, how wonderful! And how cool that you took along your suitcase of mail art (does this mean I can now put 'exhibited artist' on my resume? ha!).

I was just in San Fran! Wish I had of realised that's where you are - it would have been amazing to meet in real life!

kimi said...

I saw your tweet from Pier 39 with the sea lions and thought, "If I could just pop up there!" ... but of course, I was at work and I figured you'd be quite busy with your family. But definitely next time! For sure, if we're within 50 miles of each other, we must meet! <3

And yes, you now have an exhibit under your belt! I displayed your accordion book of Seoul and your name and location is posted next to the suitcase. ^_^