02 January 2012

suitcase of treasures

A sweet artistic friend, whose middle name just happens to be Kimi, gave me a vintage suitcase! It's just beautiful and will be perfect for carrying art.

Trying it out, I filled it up with mail art from artist friends around the world ~ Jessica Gowling in Canada, Juriko Kosaka in Japan, Gizem Vural in Turkey, Emily Orpin in Korea, Jeannine Saylor in Canada, and Toni Rica in the U.S.A.

With a little work on the presentation of the pieces ~ maybe some in frames? maybe some strung on ribbon from the top? ~ this little collection could make a nice addition to our Bay Street Cafe' art show. I will ask the artists if they'd like to be included in this way.


Kye Sangha said...

Oh that is just So Fabulouse!

SaylorMade said...

Of course I'd like to be included this way! It looks great.

kimi said...

Woohoo! I've heard back from just about everyone either here or on Twitter, so it looks like the mail-art suitcase will be part of our show! If any artists would like to send me business/artist cards that people can take to know more about you, feel free!

Also, if anyone else wants to send a small piece of art (perhaps 3x5") before 1/20 to include here, email me at kimikobashi {at} ymail.com for my address. ^_^

Rosie Faragher said...

gorgeous illustrations, photos and suitcase :) it's nice to have a good place for work to be all safe and cosy inside. A happy new year to you! x

kimi said...

Happy New Year to you too, Rosie! Hope it's a brilliantly creative 2012 for all of us!