06 August 2010

remember peace

Visiting the Hiroshima Peace Park and museum as a child, I saw the suffering caused by the atomic bomb and couldn't understand the volume of nuclear weapons still on the planet.   Draped over the statue for Sadako were thousands of folded paper cranes in bright colors, sent to her from children around the world.  These thoughtful gifts let me see that many people besides me were wishing for peace.  The memorial ceremony held each August 6th also gave me hope that one day the threat of nuclear war would be null.  When dozens of white doves flew into the sky at the ceremony's end, I felt my heart lift, too.

Some special links in remembrance:

* Hiroshima Peace Site
* Photographs of Hiroshima & Nagasaki
* The Exploratorium Memory Project:  Nagasaki
* Thoughts from Lucy Walker, Director of Countdown to Zero
* A-bomb Survivors from Hiroshima Talk About Peace

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