21 August 2010

levi's workshop

Almost as soon as they arrived, it seems they are closing!  When I heard that the Levi's Workshop was packing up and reappearing in New York, I hurried on over to get a glimpse of the action before they were gone forever.  And I'm glad I did, as there was so much goodness to behold.

Here on the zine wall I found a lot of inspiration for The Sketchbook Project.  These were really fun to read.

Artists were at work.

Supplies for the printer.

Drying racks.

Printed work on the walls.

I did a little stamping with some stamps designed by artists.  Admired mini-accordion books printed with poems and watched the printers at work.  Now I know that if I want to learn to use the press, I'll have to go to the San Francisco Center for the Book.

Good-bye Levi's Workshop ~ have fun in New York.

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