14 August 2010


Some photos from the quirky world of pirates and writers to enjoy ~

There's always something new at the pirate shop.  This time there were attacking mopheads that dropped down from the ceiling on unsuspecting shoppers.  A sign explained how to behave should one be subject to the "mopping".

The bulletin board was full of pirate notices:

"Sixteen men needed for dead man's chest.  Will provide rum."


"NAUTICAL NIT NITE!  Come, and let us delouse in a discrete and respectful environment."

The fish tank theater, with notices posted regarding fishy moods each day of the week.

Employees of the month are commonplace, but Missing Employees of the Month and where they were last seen ~ hmm, that's new.

Everything purchased at the 826 Pirate Shop supports the writers' tutoring center.  If you don't live close by, you can still visit online!  My sister bought:  "Beards are the New Black", an irresistible message and graphic.

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