24 July 2010

urban sketch ~ {serra park}

This afternoon I took my youngest to a birthday party at Serra Park in Sunnyvale. At first I did what I always do at parties - eat, talk and take bunches of photos!  But later in the afternoon, the kids moved on to play in the water feature and there I was able to settle down on a bench with a Sharpie and a notepad to sketch the scene.

The water play area of the park consists of unusual, diagonal-cut, concrete structures and thick, blue poles of varying heights that shoot out streams of water in different directions.  It isn't extremely attractive, but it is clean and was interesting to draw.  Towards the end, the kids realized I was sketching them and enjoyed finding themselves on the page.

I took the idea of urban sketching from the pros over at Urban Sketchers.  Their site has a huge list of contributing artists who are all very talented.  I'm now thinking that I should always carry a sketchbook with me.  The tiny, spiral-bound sketchpad I used today was convenient and just discreet enough to not attract the attention of my models as I sketched them playing in the water.

I think I'll try it more often.

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