26 July 2010

art resolution

There have been times in my life when my job was art.  For a time, I worked with wood, vinyl, metal and concrete on practical artistic jobs involving building renovations.  Later I designed the "look" of race cars and go-karts, logos and race apparel in Italy.  Occasionally, I was hired to make illustrations for small publications. 

These days I work at my sons' K-8 school and enjoy some artistic aspects to my job ~ graphic design, social media, student performances and events ~ all pretty fun, creative/interactive duties.  But lately, I have the need for more personal creation.  I'm daydreaming about paint and perspective, browsing art magazines and carrying a sketchbook around.

I'm under no special illusions that what I create is going to be grand or important.  In fact, I am more enamored with the idea of small sketches and quick impressions.  I'm finding little ways to fit art here and there into my day.

sketch before eating!  :)

So, I thought to make an art resolution:
  • work on some kind of art each day
  • participate in artistic projects that challenge me
  • talk to other artists and get inspired by their work
  • hopefully inspire them, too
Please join me!

xo kimi

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