22 July 2010

character sketch

Some friends are participating in Nanowrimo this year and invited me to join them.  Since then, little ideas have darted around, flitting through the back of my mind as I go through my day.  I am intrigued by the challenge, though I'm not a novelist by any means!   I've had different ideas for characters or scenes, but nothing that holds together.  So I thought an artistic approach might help.

I took out my old sketchbook that still had some blank pages in it.  Using watercolors, I thought I might try to sketch out a character for this potential novella.  I started with the eyes and watched to see who would emerge from the page.  After a little while, this is who arrived:

I think it should be nice to paint numerous characters.  Having never attempted a novel-in-a-month before (or at all), this may be a gentle way to approach the idea of owning make-believe people and their lives, so as to construct an interesting way of telling others what happens to them.

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