15 August 2015

afternoon watercolors

I made some sketches earlier this summer from a trip to Japan. Now I'm playing with them - adding watercolor, mostly. These were statues on the steps leading to a temple in Kyoto. They're still just in pencil, but I'd like to ink them in. 

I liked this statue of Izumo no Okuni that stands near the Kamogawa River in Kyoto. The plaque nearby said she used to perform a "Kabuki Dance" in 1603 there on the riverbank. Later, only men played parts in kabuki theater (to protect social morals) so I suppose she didn't get to dance anymore? I haven't yet captured how cute her face is. Will have to work on that. 

I added colored pencil in blues and greens and we'll see where we go from here...

There was a huge, beautiful tree. I sketched its branches and added watercolor today. Still need to paint in all the tiny leaves and sunlight.

Adding watercolor and colored pencil to the beer mugs. Now to figure out how to make them more frosty.

Not really working on finishing anything. Just jumping between pages in my sketchbook. Relaxing Saturday!


Valerie Storey said...

Really enjoyed these pictures, Kimi. I like the way you positioned some of the images. Thanks for the inspiration!

kimi said...

Thanks for checking them out, Valerie! Trying to make an effort to sit down and sketch, draw and paint more often. Hope you are painting and writing a lot these days. So nice to hear from you. <3