12 November 2011

mail art & rabbit


Last week I received two packages in the mail, both from across the Pacific!  The weather was pleasant this morning, so I took them out to the back garden to photograph them in the grass. If you're familiar with rabbits, you know that they're naturally curious and mine is no exception ~ she hopped around and enjoyed checking out the mail art too.

The first envelope was from my new mail art pal, Emily Orpin in Seoul who writes the Good Things* blog that is always enviably full of worldwide travels, pretty photos and cute doxies, with splashes of fashion and crafts thrown in. She asked me what I'd be interested in receiving and I asked to see a bit of daily life in Korea. I was not disappointed by the many snippets of Seoul that she sent to me!

Pages of a Korean fashion magazine.

Magazine cutouts, handmade tags & a handmade book about Seoul by Emily.

Aren't the colors pretty? I am now under the impression that Seoul is full of soft, bright colors on pale, natural backgrounds. Let's look inside the amazing accordion book she made:

This was so fun to unfold page by page to always discover another view of her neighborhood, city and landscape. She also sent along tiny envelopes in pretty patterns with paper goodies tucked inside. I am going to be challenged to return something equally inspiring and beautifully presented to her. If I look around, I wonder what I'll find will be the palette of my city? Thank you, Emily!

The other treasure I received was a large envelope from Juri Kosaka in Tokyo, who I originally met on twitter (@juriko). We've exchanged some emails and come to know each other a little more. Although we've never met, I feel close! Earlier this year, she drew my desk from a photo that I sent to her. I liked it so much that she told me she would send me a copy. However, she also included many more things in her package:

The envelope has a frame of film stars and she also included a brochure from the Tokyo film festival.

Do you also see the beautiful bookmarks with her paintings on them? The colors remind me of Gaugin... a very clever and lovely idea as they have her contact information there, rather than on a regular business card. I shall surely use them when I read.

And here is the desk drawing... I'd better go clean it up so it looks nice and neat like that again!

When she told me she would send me a copy of this work, I asked her to send me a photo too, that I could draw for her. She sent me quite a number to choose from ~ but they're all nice... I don't yet know which one I'll pick.  

As an added surprise, Juri enclosed a small set of watercolor illustrations. In her letter, she asked me to draw on them, collage them, or find some way to use them in further art so we can create a new collaboration! The drawings are so delightful ~ I'm getting many ideas of how to use them, but I hope I have the skill to do them justice. ^_^;;

Bunny likes them too.

These two packages brought me so much cheer and inspiration! After receiving them, I spent the rest of the week painting on canvases that I'll share with you soon. There's still one that I'm wrestling with and hope to conquer this weekend. It's for a friend, which is why I think I'm not quite as relaxed about it as I should be. Pressure! 

I certainly have my work cut out for me... I now owe mail art to Jeannine Saylor, Jessica Gowling, Emily and Juriko. Time to create! Let's go! :D


Juriko Kosaka said...

Hi Kimi!
I'm excited to see things that I send are on glass of your garden:)
Thank you!

And your rabbit is sooooo cute! chubby:D

WindFlower7 said...

Kimi ~~ I am SO impressed!
Tama is chubby and cute too ^-^;;

naturesmyfriend said...

FABULOUS!!!! and such creative photos! You always do your mail art justice with meaningful & different photos. It is nice that you honor them in this way. I wish I could do things like this, but I receive too much mail to stray away from my standard "spread it all out on wood" style. I am excited that you owe me mail art, I always enjoy your thoughtful envelopes. No need to RUSH to finish mine though, as I have to hold off of making mail art until the OOAK show is over. It's been tough, but I'm trying to focus on my art business. Lots of love <3

kimi said...

Hi Juriko! Thank you for the wonderful art you have sent me. I will do my best to make a worthy piece to send back to you, and I'm getting lots of ideas for how to use the charming horse, bird, cat and plant watercolors... I hope to surprise you with something unique!

Chiori, it was your sketchbook that also gave me a lot of creative impetus this past week. Thank you for coming over as we all had a great time -- (M-kun wore the hoodie you gave him yesterday and looked so cute)!

Yes, my bunny is a chubby one! She obviously has an easy life ...but you can see from the length of the lawn that she hasn't been munching it as much as she could. :)

Hello Jessica! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a note when I know you're so busy preparing for your show. I always love hearing from you, especially on mail art matters as you are the one that got me started! Good luck at OOAK ... I am collecting and making things for your next package and will try to send before the end of the year. Big hug to you!

WindFlower7 said...
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WindFlower7 said...

Kimi~~ That encouraged me! Thanks. ^-^;;

SaylorMade said...

I LOVE the idea of a mail art package inspired by the colour palette of my area. I may try that out when I get back into the swing of mail art.

ejorpin said...

I'm so glad everything made it to you okay. Your bunny is way too cute - I especially like the photo of him sussing out the accordion book!

And that drawing of your desk by Juri is wonderful - I love the flow of the lines and the little pops of colour.