25 October 2011

glass adventure ~ {part 2}

Originally sharp angles turned chubby after a stop in the kiln.

You might remember that I tried my hand at melting glass into little jewelry bits last month. The pieces went in the kiln and later I picked them up and put them on strings and chains. Here's how they turned out!
This was the largest piece. Fairly heavy, too. Not sure I'll wear it but it's neat.

I wish the picture were clearer so you could see its pleasing
purple/burgundy base color that feels right for fall.

Again, not the greatest photo, but one of my favorite pieces. I like its transparency.

It's interesting how the glass melted in layers, giving a different look when viewed from the front, side or back. See ~

I haven't decided what to do with all these glass necklaces now, but it was definitely fun to make them. Next time I'll try to create some matching earrings, perhaps.


Rica said...

Oh my, Kimi these are amazing. I love the one you are wearing most. More more more!

kimi said...

Glad you like them! Perhaps one day we can arrange to visit Margie and make some together in her workshop. She lives in Fremont!

SaylorMade said...

These are beautiful, Kimi. They turned out so well. Are you eager to keep going with this craft and try new methods?

kimi said...

I think so, Jeannine! Now that I've done it once I understand a little better how the glass reacts when melted. I definitely hope to do some more.

Heedless said...

These are gorgeous Kimi! I put a link to this post on my Heedless FB page for my favorite #follow #friday!

I love the pebble like nature of these...are any for sale or trade?

kimi said...

Hi Russelle! Thanks for sharing the post and I'm happy that you like them. I love the idea of a trade! I've been wearing the last two but the first four pictured are brand new and would love a new home. Let me know what you like! <3