13 June 2011

thank you

Thank you, dear readers, for your patience with me while I disappeared into the land of wedding projects. Thank you also for the many good wishes received for my sister's recent marriage! The ceremony and setting were perfect, the weather beautiful (after 3 cm of rain the day before!) and the bride and groom were very, very happy ~ as you can see here!

I took this photo of them and we chose it to be their wedding thank you card. Such a happy couple! ^_^


Juriko Kosaka said...

Wow! Beautiful:D
They seems to be really really happy.
This picture makes me happy too.

SaylorMade said...

It sounds like a joyous occasion for everyone involved. Can't wait to see some of the details you had your hand in creating.

Green Grape said...

Wow! She is so beautiful ^o^)/ chio_tay

kimi said...

Thank you, Juri, Jeannine & Chiori! I do think they're perfect for each other. I've wanted to post some of the wedding details but then realized that I didn't get too many photos of my handiwork (too busy enjoying the wedding!) and also some things they might want to keep private... but if I find something I can share, I shall!

Jeannine, there is a little something in your mail art package that I made with materials from the wedding that could give you an idea. :)