14 June 2011

sketchbook project 2012

I received my new sketchbook for the Arthouse Sketchbook Project 2012 the other day. Since then, I must confess that it has sat languishing and untouched as I spent all my free time on my sister's beautiful wedding. However, now that most of my duties for her are done, I will soon turn my attention to the blank pages that await me.

The topic I picked is Uncharted Waters and I'd like to use more collage, watercolor and (hopefully hand-carved) stamps this time, not just colored pencil and ink. Last year I was always worried about the thin pages and it affected my book. But look carefully and you'll see that this year's sketchbook is just staple-bound:

After hand-stitching 50 wedding programs (and even attaching beads!) I feel pretty confident that I could take this one apart and stitch it back together with thread/floss and thicker paper. The paper of this book is probably already slightly thicker than last year's, but I feel like I'll be freer if I dismantle the book and put it back together. Either that, or it's just in my nature to always try to make things more difficult... ha, that's probably it. :)

I played with one idea for the book on my latest mail art envelopes to @saylor_made and @tonirica, cutting out some ships from maps and letting my mind wander to imagine that which hasn't yet been explored ~ dreams? the deepest ocean? outer space?

I'm looking forward to starting the new sketchbook ~ I don't have an overall plan for it so progressing through and completing the project will be an adventure!

The Sketchbook Project 2011 comes to San Francisco later this week! Can't wait to browse some of the sketchbooks I've admired online. Let me know if you want me to check yours out.


SaylorMade said...

I've had my sketchbook longer than you... perhaps even a month or so and have only penciled in 2 spreads. One of which I erased in order to start over.

My heart skipped a beat seeing the boat cut out on the envelope. Can't wait for your package to arrive so I can start making you something wonderful.

kimi said...

Me too! I really hope that you like what's inside... I was also thinking of you when I cut out the boats since sailing seems like what a Saylor would do. :)

By the way, am definitely going to try to check out your sketchbook in S.F., Jeannine!

rica said...

I loooved receiving, carrying, then opening and enjoying your mail art! I waited til I got home and enjoyed every single thing! I already in fact: wore one, drew on one, and displayed the rest! Blog post in the making. Thank you Kimi! That was super funnnn :D