15 June 2011

hello robot

Last year I bought the materials to carve a stamp. A few months ago I sketched some drawings of things I'd like to carve. Now I've finally sat down and given it a try. So far, it seems like I might have done a good job, but the real test will be to ink it up and see if it actually works.

So stay tuned! I've got two more of these rubber plates to carve and a linoleum block as well. I made the robot with the idea to make mail art stationery. For the others, I would like to make some stamps to use on my Sketchbook Project.

And speaking of the Sketchbook Project, my book for 2011 has been digitized! I think the digital format is pretty nice and I'm glad I paid to digitize my 2012 book, too. It's pretty exciting getting to see the books by other artists up close this way. I feel inspired to work on the next book!


Maki said...

How sweet!
I love your sketchbook and really enjoyed each pages. Looking forward to the next version. I've heard about the project but never seen in real, must be such a fun to view tons of skechbooks all day long. (sonds like a dream to me :) Happy creating x maki

kimi said...

Thank you, Makiko! So nice of you to take the time to see my sketchbook. Dreamy is probably the right word to describe having so many sketchbooks at one's fingertips all at once! Happy creating to you, too! :)