03 April 2011

colors of spring

Outside my window everything is growing. Grape vines are climbing, wisteria are blooming, trees are sprouting tiny bright-green leaves and of course, there are weeds poking up that have to be plucked. Color is popping up everywhere and I long for a vacation week to sit around painting and making art from all this inspiration.

This past week was a bit rough with lots of work and overtime and deadlines. Not that it wasn't fun ~ it culminated in a very charming day of art and culture at the school where I work ~ but my own creative energy was a bit drained by the time I got home. I just wanted to go to bed!

As a result, I don't have anything new to share with you this weekend. *sigh* But I found these watercolor flowers from the archives that I thought to share with you. They reflect the colors of spring that I'm starting to see around me.

Hope you're enjoying a good weekend and that the new week brings more time for art and dreaming.

Oh ~ one more thing! A twitter friend @jojoebi in Japan is holding a bracelet/necklace raffle on her blog that is open to anyone that donates to Japan Relief. The raffle ends tomorrow, so please visit her site and enter today!

Happy Weekend!


SaylorMade said...

These watercolours are so bright and happy. I've always felt like spring was a celebration and reawakening, sparking brighter colour palettes and a joyous feeling in art projects.

kimi said...

You're right, Jeannine! It's so nice to feel the days getting longer and to see the color returning all around. I'd like to make some more ~ and maybe try to do some silhouettes with the plant shapes like you did. :)

Juriko Kosaka said...

Hi,Kimi! I'm late to come here.
Your new blog title image is cute!
I like your works.
They are gentle.

kimi said...

I appreciate your thoughts, Juri! For the blog title, I was missing my Sketchbook Project characters and thought to bring them back around where I could see them. :)