24 March 2011

for writing home ♡

Tried my hand at making fill-in-the-blank note cards today. I was a bit rushed on this project, but they were well received and seem like they'll be useful, so I'm pretty pleased. ^_^

My colleague's 19 year-old daughter is leaving home tomorrow to begin her independent life in a new city where she'll study music, dance and theater. Her mother was proud but a little distraught that her "baby" was leaving the nest. She held an impromptu going-away party this evening, so I quickly made this card set for a gift.

Naturally they'll call, email, text and communicate with all the modern methods we have today. But the note cards will be a personal item in her own handwriting that I hope will bring happiness to her family's mailbox. (I deliberately neglected to put any space for writing bad news or disappointment on the card. They're *just* for sending good news and cheer!)

The daughter is a very cheerful, bubbly and outgoing girl, so I wrote the prompts on the cards to reflect that. I was also thinking about what her mom might want to know: who her friends are, how she's spending her time, how things are going ... even what she's eating! I added some music and art prompts on the card too, since these subjects are such a big part of her personality.

I gave them to her with a tiny bouquet of colorful paper flowers. Each card fits perfectly in a pretty little envelope upon which I placed a Forever stamp (since I hear rates are rising in April).

My idea is that it will be easy to jot a few updating tidbits on a card, seal it up and send to whomever she wishes. Although they started out as postcards, I'm glad I decided to give them envelopes ~ if she gets inspired to write more, it will be easy to mail everything together.

I wish her good luck in her new adventure!


Anonymous said...

I like the cards !

Dana said...

Very cute and a lovely idea. I love the tulips-- so colorful and full of positivity!

kimi said...

Thank you, Dana! Spring is on my mind lately. :)

And thank you, too, "Anonymous" ... though I do know who you are. {haha}

anika said...

such an awesome idea! sometimes I want to write a letter, but don't quite know what to say, and these would make it easy, plus they are so pretty and cheerful.

kimi said...

Hi Anika! Thanks! You are welcome to print them out any time when you want to send a cheery note to a friend. If you decide to make some yourself, I'd love to see them! <3

kimi said...

Happy Update: My colleague showed me the tulip card her daughter had filled out and mailed back. It made her day (and mine)!