02 January 2014

a new year!

Hello and Happy 2014!

I've been away so long it's almost hard to know where to start. The past year was sad and terrible. My father lost his battle with cancer and we said good bye in September. These holidays were hard without him, even though I had the love and support of all my family around me. I know I am very blessed to have many wonderful people in my life, and I count all the lovely people I've met through this blog too. 

The new year is here and I have arrived to a place where my mind and heart are a little freer and happily, I found the space to create some art again. 

My first painting for the new year is this watercolor of a quilt my grandmother made. I've always loved it, and I found it again recently when I was cleaning my dad's house. Family has been such an important part of the past year that I decided to make a painting of it since seeing it always makes me happy.

I hope that each of you have a wonderful new year surrounded by people and things that make you happy. Let's have a beautiful 2014!


Barbara said...

This piece and the story behind it are beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss last year. I'm glad that your desire to be creative is returning. All the best in 2014.

kimi said...

Thank you, Barbara ~ I feel I am "coming back to life" again and hope to express that with some more artistic creations this year and more connections with my artistic friends. Happy New Year!

Valerie Storey said...

Your artwork and the stories behind it are always so inspiring, Kimi. Glad to see you blogging again, I always look forward to your posts. Sending you my very best wishes for a happy and creative 2014.

kimi said...

So nice of you to check in on my blog, Valerie. I wondered if anyone was still reading after I'd been quiet for so many months. Wishing you also a very creative and inspiring 2014! ^_^

Juriko Kosaka said...

Hi, Kimi! I'm late, but I'm sorry for your loss. I think it was hard time for you and your family. I think your dad was very happy man with big support by yours.
I hope you have a lot of fun this year:)
I'll see your sketchbook on Flickr later too.

kimi said...

So nice to hear from you, Juri! Thank you for the condolences; I do miss him a lot and he had a big impact on me. I wonder if you will like his haiku, since they are written in English and some are about his memories of Japan. I saw you are getting many of your illustrations published. Well deserved!