17 July 2013

watercolor bunny

After receiving Apolonia's gorgeous package of art cards she so generously sent from France I was very charmed by the rabbit she drew and painted on the envelope. Gazing at its large, expressive eyes and perfect, round proportions made me remember my own bunny pet and I was inspired to make a small portrait of my late little friend and companion, Tama-chan. (She made us all so happy but passed away unexpectedly one night in her sleep earlier this year. We were devastated for weeks.) 

I realized that finally, enough time had passed that I felt I could create a little portrait of her to see every day and recall her sweet and spunky nature. It had been a while since I had painted with watercolors but everything returned very naturally and I'm happy with the result.

So I have to thank Apolonia, her giveaway contest and her kind emails for getting me back to painting again. Life has been throwing so many things in the way of my creative time that I feel quite buoyed to have started and finished this little work. This was an unexpected 'extra' gift to the giveaway ~ thank you!


Trina said...

Kimi!! This water color is beautiful!! Really gorgeous. I love everything about it. You have such an amazing and natural talent. I've always been intimidated by water colors - you seem like such a natural. I'm so sorry that your little bunny passed away earlier this year. I didn't know. :( I think this is a lovely portrait and tribute to her. xo

kimi said...

Thank you, Trina! You're so encouraging. :) Even a little watercolor can have such a nice effect and since they don't take so long to paint I may try to do more of them now that I have so little personal time. I'll see you this weekend... <3

WindFlower7 said...


kimi said...

Thank you, Chiori! ^_^

Chantal said...

Sad to read such a sweet pet has passed away. Lovely watercolour sketch Kimi.

kimi said...

Thank you, Chantal... we do miss her! I think doing this little piece helps to remember all the happy times together.

I love what you're doing with the urban sketching ~ will keep checking in to see your next works. :)

Barbara said...

Hi Kimi, taking some time to catch up on blog posts and saw your beautiful watercolour painting. You are very skilled with a difficult medium. : )
Sorry to hear that your beloved pet is no longer with you. I find it's true that making art about something one cares about helps to bring back positive memories. Glad that happened for you.

kimi said...

Nice to hear from you, Barbara! Thank you for your sweet comments. Often times I give away my art but this one I've framed and am hanging on to. :) Wishing you happy times drawing in your beautiful garden.

ti-igra said...

Hi, dear Kimi! :)
Your bunny sooo beautiful and alive! I can not stop watching his portrait!
My BIG HUGS for youuuu!
Have a great inspiration, my wonderful friend! We are waiting your new art!

She is always with you!
And we are - your friends!