28 July 2012

sending mail

Extremely patient mail-art friends finally got something in their mailboxes last week! When I visited the Arthouse Sketchbook Project Tour in Oakland, I picked up a few things to share with some of the artists whose books I checked out. One was Jessica Gowling ~ also my first mail-art correspondent and a prolific, savvy, friendly and nature-inspired artist. I cut out a few things that reminded me of her to send along with the Arthouse goodies.

I also sent her a note inside some geometric paper that I made in a design class last year and a little print of my latest painting. She recently moved to a new town and I hoped my mail in her new mailbox would help welcome her there.

Jeannine Saylor is also a patient mail-art friend who has sent me many lovely things in the mail. I also checked out her book in Oakland so I sent her a few Arthouse pieces as well as some San Francisco magazine cutouts of photos that I liked and another of a girl from a catalog wearing a dress that always reminded me of her (saylor/sailor theme!).

I have two more mail-art envelopes in the works for other friends. Hope to finish them soon and share them with you here once they're received across the sea.


Anonymous said...

I loved my mail art from you! it was such a sweet house warming gift. thanks friend :)

kimi said...

Hooray! I'm working on the next one so you don't have to wait so long... :)