14 March 2012

liebster award

because I love you! :)

Juriko Kosaka recently honored me with a blog award ~ the Liebster Award ~ which I was very surprised and happy to receive, especially since I admire her blog and her artwork so highly. {Thank you, Juriko!}

Juriko has been doing a drawing each day, which has been centering around food. In Japan, she painted delicious meals that made my mouth water. Now she's on a trip to New York, so she's sharing sketches of the things she's seeing there. It's fun to see the sights through her sketchbook, (though one of my favorite recent drawings was the cake she saw in the bakery right before she left Japan).

I had only recently heard of this Liebster award, which she says is passed on to three to five of one's favorite bloggers that have less than 200 followers. A simple comment on their blog lets them know that they're one of your favorites. I surely have more than five favorites, but will try to stick to the rules. I'd like to recommend Juriko and the bloggers that she chose, as well as the following five blogs. Do check them out!

Seeds of Happiness
is a blog by Yuuco, who lives in Japan where she makes art and teaches art projects to children. I love her art's simple, friendly lines and bright yet soft colors. As the title of her blog suggests, her art is designed to make people happy and I definitely feel that way when I look at it! She is the one who initiated our "Trans-Pacific Art Show" that ended up involving ten artists at our show in January! I'd say she is very talented at being able to make things happen far away from her, to motivate others and organize people and events. She has many good (and happy!) ideas.

Nature's My Friend 
is the blog of Jessica Gowling, who lives in Canada, immersed in nature, where she draws constant inspiration from the wildlife and scenes around her. She is very outgoing and connects artists around the world through mail art. She takes her art out places, setting up booths and selling directly as well as on Etsy. On her blog, she shares her process, art, mail art and activities so there's always a lot to learn from her. I'm amazed at how prolific she is and how she manages to keep producing such a variety of work at high volume while still keeping us all posted! I always enjoy reading up on her latest adventures.

Saylor Made
is by Jeannine Saylor, a talented artist and mother of two young girls. Reading her blog is like having tea with a friend that's showing you her sketchbook or latest crafts. I always look forward to seeing what she's been up to. Like Jessica, she keeps up with many artists through mail art and shares what she sends and what she receives in lovely photos. Jeannine is presently working on her Limited Edition Sketchbook Project, with watercolor and ink drawings on a family theme. She lives in Canada and sometimes draws on aspects of the various places she's lived in Canada in her art. Reading her blog is relaxing and cozy with lots of inspiration.

Good Things
is written and photographed by Emily Orpin, who truly has a knack for finding good things. I love the photos of her home, city, dachsunds and wide travels (she lives in Seoul but seems to regularly hop around the world to all sorts of continents and countries). She hosts a "Colour Lovers" monthly color collection collaboration and it's fun to see the collections her readers gather in the color theme of the month. Emily's collections are beautifully curated, she's a very good writer and she has a lovely sense of design. She has quite a number of followers and when you see the gorgeous photos and conversations on her blog, you might become one too.

Harujion Design
is written by Hiromi Widerquist, who can make just about anything with cloth, thread and yarn. She lives in Indiana and shares projects that she sews for her daughter, home and Etsy shop. Her work is finished so beautifully and she uses pretty fabrics in interesting combinations. I enjoy reading her blog because many of the things she makes remind me of things my mother used to sew, knit or crochet for me when I was small. She also posts some great tutorials that I hope to try one day. Most recently, she's made some crocheted necklaces, embroidered pendants and a stuffed animal, all very cute and unique.

* * * *

I was inspired by the idea of the Liebster Award and made the award banner above to acknowledge how I feel about some of my favorite blogs and their authors. I changed it quite a lot from the original that has been going around the web for some time, but felt I absolutely needed to add color and personalize the design in order to express how much I like these blogs. Anyone that would like to use the banner and pass it on to their favorite bloggers is welcome to use it. I look forward to finding some new favorites to follow!


ejorpin said...

Oh gosh! This is so very nice! Thank you so much for your generous words about my blog, it's so nice to get such thoughtful and lovely feedback (sometimes blogging feels like talking to yourself!). Now I'll have to get to work narrowing down my favourite blogs to only five! Thanks again, you've made my week :)

kimi said...

You're very welcome, Em! I thought the award was so nice since it introduces you to new blogs and then gives you a chance to give some love to other bloggers. Definitely hard to choose just five, though! I look forward to seeing who you pick!

SaylorMade said...

Wow, Kimi! Thank you so much. Even though you are so busy with your job and family, you find the time to get to know all of us in your online circle and write about us in such a loving way. I'll pass along the honour in the coming weeks! :D

Kye Sangha said...

What a wonderful idea-and such a great way to introduce your readers (like me!) to new blogs! I really like the banner, too!

kimi said...

My pleasure! I have only been doing design work lately ~ no spare moments for pure art & fancy ~ so I wanted to share and acknowledge all the artists and writers that keep on creating and reminding me that one day soon I'll be able to set aside my work and sketch and paint again. It's my thanks to you. :)

kimi said...

Thanks, Kye! I'm glad you liked it. I enjoy your blog, too. You are one of the many I wished I could just keep adding to the list. The banner was fun to make ~ it's a bit girly, but most of the blogs I read are by women so it works for me! Hope you're doing well out there in Colorado. <3

Juriko Kosaka said...

Hi, Kimi!
I enjoyed your "Liebstar Blog"!
You are also a good writer and artist.
Making your own banner is really nice idea.
I like it:)

kimi said...

Wish I had more time to read all the great blogs I'm discovering through the Liebster awards. I need a long vacation just for reading! :) Thank you for giving me the award, Juriko!

Anonymous said...

Kimi, I never properly thanked you for this lovely feature as my life was so hectic mid-march with my mexico trip shortly after. Your kind words and eloquent description of my work made my heart melt. thank you so much for being my friend and for supporting me in my creative adventures.

kimi said...

You are very welcome! I adore your nature-inspired art and creativity!