17 March 2012

fun with type

One of the classes I'm taking is in Typography and we recently completed an assignment that asked us to create mini posters of three different historical styles of type. The text was provided for us; we had to come with the layout, typeface and design. I thought I'd share what I did with you ~ since I haven't had any type to paint or draw lately, at least I can share an assignment! :)

The Classical Era made me think of the beautiful illuminated books I'd seen once in a royal library.

I know the arrows are a bit more modern than industrial, but after getting into the reckless and wild mood of the time period, I got a little rebellious with the style too. Looking at it now, I might change those to heavier, more block-like ends.

Went for a Bauhaus effect with the modern version. Fitting all the text in was a bit of a challenge as I wanted to keep it dynamic and not let the text get too heavy and weigh everything down.

I'd like to take many more classes in Typography. There's so much more to learn and I'm enjoying exploring what can be done with type to enhance the communication of an idea.


SaylorMade said...

Sounds like a wonderful class and a great learning experience!!

kimi said...

Yes, it was fun! Nice to be back in school taking classes again. :)