27 May 2011

mail art for jessica

Today I heard that my mail package arrived to Jessica Gowling's mailbox, so now I can share with you what it contained. Because I had such little free time, I wasn't able to sit down and put together an envelope of mail art for her in one go. Rather, I got the envelope and kept it nearby for weeks and weeks, tucking things into it as they came along.

The envelope traveled back and forth with me from home to work to home again. I doodled on it whenever I had some spare moments ~ waiting in the car, waiting for the computer to respond, relaxing before bed. Gradually, the doodle grew into a scene of a world I'd like to visit.

At the same time, the envelope also grew fatter. This vegetable print card from the Earth Day celebration at San Francisco Center for the Book was one of the first things to find its way inside. 

Potato fish and onions

Other items that jumped in were: letterpress prints from Earth Day, origami paper, a folded crane, a cheerful postcard picked up in a local cafe, and a sheet of paper that I made from the garden grass after I cut it one afternoon.

The final item was an experiment I was doing with Japanese paper strings. There are all kinds of different decorative knots one can learn. I wasn't too skilled, though. It took forever to get this slightly lopsided result!

This was my second mail art package to Jessica G. I was glad to hear she enjoyed receiving it and now I'm looking forward to getting one of her awesome zines. Meanwhile, we're approaching the end of the school year and I hope to have some free time in the summer so I can start to exchange art with more talented friends. Who wants to trade with me? :)


SaylorMade said...

I am very intrigued by the grass paper! Would you consider sharing a link to a tutorial or writing a tutorial about it? I have about 4x the amount of lawn at our new house and we have already nearly filled our compost bin with grass. We have plans for raised bed gardens and more landscaping that will eliminate a good chunk of the lawn (thank goodness) but that is in the works for next season.

I would LOVE to be on your mail art list!

That envelope is wonderful. Very dream-like.

Anonymous said...

I loved my mail from sweet kimi!!! the envelope was unreal and your "lopsided" loop sure as hell impressed me!!! i'm putting together a reply for you and am happy to have introduced you to the wonders of mail art. May the summer/future hold many more pen pals and fun envelops for you to discover!

kimi said...

Sure, I'd be glad to share how to make grass paper! (Although it's quite like making regular handmade paper, so I hope you won't be disappointed.) I'll send you a DM on twitter so we can exchange addresses! Thanks for your comment, Jeannine!

rica said...

that fish! in the sky! with the patches and apple on its head! oh my gosh!

kimi said...

I'm glad you liked it, Jessica! And thank you Toni Rica for the compliment. :)