25 May 2011

inspiration: maker faire

I attended the Bay Area Maker Faire last weekend and saw many impressive creations. Some of the more spectacular or intricate photos I shared via twitpic. But one creation that caught my heart was extremely simple ~ an igloo home of milk cartons:

I know it doesn't look like much, but the view from inside was very pretty and there was a surprising amount of room. It brought me straight back to my childhood when my sister and I built clubhouses out of fruit crates and wire twist ties. This one is held together with hot glue.

Bits of sky peek through. Inside it was cozy but roomy.

It took almost 500 milk cartons, I think they said... we'll have to drink a lot and save our cartons for quite a while to make one.

Another friendly landscape, this one of light, air and cloth:

We walked through it, sinking our hands into the chubby trunks. Then we hopped about on colored squares that changed colors with our steps.

The fair covered many types of creativity ~ a truck to climb on with rooms built of piano innards to strum, giant moving fire-breathing sculptures, robots, crafts, solar powered and pedal powered rides, fighting machines and every kind of DIY imaginable. This was our second time attending and we found a few favorites that we remembered from before. My kids and I like building and shooting off rockets and trying to ride bikes that have been taken apart and pieced back together with whimsical (off center) wheels, shopping cart parts, skateboards and scooters.

I would have liked to sit down and learn knitting or felting, but since I brought three boys with me they weren't too interested in such things. If you have the opportunity to attend a Maker Faire, I do recommend it!

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