27 January 2011

sketchbook project progress {part 5}

Flying deer

The sketchbooks have been mailed in. Artists are posting images of their sketchbook contents on the art house site (like Jessica Gowling) and on flickr, twitter, etc.

As for me, I'm running behind. After spending so much time making the sketchbook, I didn't have so much time afterward for sharing it! In fact, it's now 3:00 a.m. ~ the only time I've found so far to do this sort of thing.

Since it's late, I'll share just some random pages from my Lights in the Distance themed sketchbook that you haven't seen before. One day I'll make a page for them all to go in sequence, cover to cover, hopefully some time soon.

The colors on this one made me happy. The forest looked just as I remembered it.

Deer turned out to be an unexpectedly big theme in my book ~ specifically, the white fallow deer from Mt. Madonna.

More deer as well as two sisters that remind me of a lot of sister sets I know.

This one was just fun. Deer camouflage.

Deer, a cute piggy lament and two sisters with awesome hair.

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