06 January 2011

sketchbook project progress ~ {part 4}

My sketchbook is starting to have its own personality, which is exciting, but also belated since it's due in less than two weeks. I've so many ideas for the direction it's taking me ~ just need more time to spend in its company! Here are some snapshots of the pages I've finished (wish I could show you their true, bright colors):

And one page-spread that is still in progress... I must still deepen the water, add a school of fish, more sea creatures, and lights sparkling on the water.

Every other double-page spread will follow a story that has inked lines and color. In between those there is pencil work with notes and sketches of the day or thoughts about the overall progress of the book. The reason for this layout is because the ink shows through the back of the page, so I can't really keep inking in sequence. It annoyed me at first, but now I think it's more interesting.

I need to keep pushing along... some of my Sketchbook Project friends have already submitted their books, like @juriko in Japan. @jessicagowling is also very close to being done. I'm motivated ~ I know I can do it!


Juriko Kosaka said...

They make me smile.

Trina said...

Your sketchbook entries are all so beautiful, and make me smile, too! They remind me a bit of when we were in high school together and you would make those wonderful cartoons all over our homework. ;) You have such amazing talent. Thank you for sharing it with us!