12 September 2010

tennis time

Played tennis over lunch last week with Michelle (pictured above!).  We are planning to play more often so we can get some exercise and hopefully improve our game along the way.  

As we left the court to rush back to work, tennis balls kept dropping behind us because we had them in a flimsy, plastic grocery bag.  Every time I picked one up, more would drop out!  I'm sure it was quite comic, but since I don't want to go through that every time we play, I decided to get her a bag for the balls.  And why not make a little graphic to personalize it, too?

Now that the illustration is done, I have to figure out the best way to put it on a bag.  I hope she likes it!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Made me smile so big! :D I've always envied how great of an artist you are! <3