18 September 2010

new life

A few of my friends have recently had new babies, so today I used rice paper and watercolors to collage some cards to send to them.  I have a pretty good collection of painted rice paper and handmade paper scraps to work from, so I didn't have to make any new collage pieces.

 Valuable scraps

As you can see, some of the pieces are even paper towels that I was previously using as a place to dab my brush between colors.  I saved them since they have such a random congregation of colors and an interesting texture, so they often come in useful.

Today I completed three cards, but I had the white balance off when I took pictures of them, so can only show you one of them right now ~ the least awful photo... the colors are still not true.  I'll post the pictures anew once I have a chance to rephotograph them all.

Hope to do so tomorrow, but it might not be possible as I'm going to be at Roadworks most of the day helping ink the plates for the steamroller.  It promises to be an exciting day so I'd better be off to bed now.  G'night!

... Update: 

Maybe too much red above?  I could tone it down a bit.

This one looks better in person ~ it's been tricky for me to photograph these. 


Heedless said...

These are sooooo beautiful!! I especially like the one with the stork....!

kimi said...

Thank you! I tried to make each one fit the personality of each family and their newborn.