06 December 2012

guess who?

I designed two posters recently. Each one represents a different artist/designer. I think they're pretty obvious, but would you like to guess who?

Here's the first one:

Not too hard, hm? Several giveaways in that image.

Here's the second one:

OK, so he's actually an architect but they're designers too...

These were made using Illustrator and took about an hour each. I do like to play with vector art every once in a while -- they were a nice break from the very organic and texture-ridden acrylic canvases I'm working on (that I shall share soon!).

Well, I'm sure that everyone could figure out who these posters represent, but I'll give the answers anyway. The first one is Frida Kahlo and the second is Frank Lloyd Wright. The Wounded Deer is one of my favorite paintings of Ms. Kahlo's and Fallingwater is probably my favorite building of Mr. Wright's. I'd like to go there one day. The closest I've been is to watch the beautifully detailed animation by Eterea Studio.

What other artists would be fun to interpret in poster form?


Juriko Kosaka said...

Hi, Kimi:)
I recognized the first one is Frida Kahlo very soon.
I don't know about Frank Lloyd Wright. I'll check him later.
By the way, your new blog layout is nice.
It made me feel like changing my layout too.

ti-igra said...

Hi, Kimi, dear! Super fun! :)))) Yeees, Frida forever! :)))))) second I didn't know too, as Juriko B-) but now I know thanks to youuuuu! ;))))

It would be cool to see a Jacek Jerka :D I love his surreal scenes.
Your drawings in illustrator are amazing, nice compositions and colours!!!!!! :))) waiting new!

Have a good weekend, my friends!

kimi said...

Hello Juriko! Thank you for taking a look and guessing. :) I decided to give the blog a change and try one of the dynamic views. What I like about it is that you can see many more posts at a glance and can also post photos in the extra-large size. I always like big photos! Wishing you happy holidays!

kimi said...

Hello Ira! Now I see that perhaps Frank Lloyd Wright is only well-known in the U.S. He made many buildings here and is quite popular. I looked at Jacek Yerka and agree he would be fun to do! I love his double horizons and fantastical tree houses. OK! In the future I'll try! <3