11 May 2012

spring art show ~ {yukie's studio}

Yukie's dish at the Spring Garden Art Show

Last year Yuuco contacted me about a trans-Pacific art exchange which I thought was a brilliant idea. She sent me a box with her paintings inside, as well as art from Shingo Akiyama, Ms. Pen Artist Santaac, Kanae Nagashima and Ikecoo. I gathered together some U.S. artists: Chiori Tasaki, Trina Chow, Toni Rica, Yukie Nakanishi (and me!) and we held our first show last December at Claymates, followed by a second show in January at the Bay Street Cafe' (grandly titled The Trans-Pacific Art Show). Along the way, a few pieces sold, many new people enjoyed the works and we had a lot of fun.

I had one more show planned ~ the Spring Garden show at Yukie's Studio ~ where the art made its appearance one more time last weekend. Yukie displayed and sold her ceramics, along with her friends Della and Akio, plus many of her pottery students. Additionally, there was glass jewelry by Margie, all in the beautiful garden setting (curated by Larry).

Della's ceramic display

Ms. Pen's book covers & Ikecoo's sculpture with Yukie's cups.

Yuuco's watercolor with Yukie's ceramics.

Paintings by Rica, Trina & Shingo with printed bags by Yuuco.

Yukie's pottery with Ikecoo's drawings.

Shingo's artwork with Yukie's ceramic creations.

More of Yukie's pottery with Kanae's triptych.
Unfortunately, I was not able to bring any of my work to the show, nor to coordinate much with the other artists, because I caught a terrible cold that lasted a full week. I barely managed to get all the trans-Pacific art up; I went early to set up when no one was there and left before the guests began arriving and then fell straight back to bed! I was really sorry to miss out, but Rica and Yukie both told me it was a great success with many visitors attending.

It was definitely a beautiful setting and many people came to buy things for Mother's Day, so the timing was good. When I returned to break down our art I was feeling a little better. If I can, I will set up another show in the summer before we get ready to send our U.S. art to Japan for display there. It's an exciting exchange that is helping all the participants reach out across the ocean to a new audience.

I must thank Yuuco for the great idea and Yukie for hosting us at her garden studio with such style!


yuuco said...

Thank you so much for everything, Kimi! I'm so touched. How are you feeling now? I hope your cold has gone. :( We are always exited about the Trans Pacific shows you're organizing. Now I have to start thinking the galleries and setting up our shows in Japan! I want to have several shows here like you did for us! I'm so looking forward to! :D

kimi said...

Hi Yuuco! I was happy to have another show for everyone! Was relieved I could share your art with a new audience but sorry I couldn't be there to talk to people about it as the conversation is another aspect that viewers enjoy. (And me too ~ I like to talk with the people that attend and hear their reactions to the different pieces!). At the end of summer I will gather the art here to send to you, so you will have some time to plan. Your exchange idea has been such a great experience ~ thank you too!

Yukie said...

Nice to have the Trans-Pacific artists at the show. Having artwork along with the pottery made it even more interesting. Hope that next time you will be able to include your paintings too.

kimi said...

I hope so, too! The garden was so beautiful, all in bloom. Next year for sure!

Heedless said...

So pretty! Inspiring work! Thanks for mentioning it to me <3 <3

Kye Sangha said...

This looks like it was simply amazing! I love the variety of work, as well as the setting!