08 February 2012

octopi journals

I talked to Joy @limbic_lullaby last week about the handmade journals she was creating with hand-carved stamps and she offered to mail me a set for me and my two boys! They arrived so quickly in the mail and we adore them. I love the way she carved a voice bubble to fill in for the octopus and the name plate space inside.

I love Joy's paintings, as well, which you can see on her blog Limbic Lullaby and which you can even buy on her Society 6 page! She's been making some fun carvings and stamps ~ like these here on this blog post. I love the evocative portraits she paints ~ ethereal girls with haunted looks, children with visible skulls, bold colors and patterns. Do check out her beautiful work.

Thank you, Joy, for these truly lovely journals! I'm working on some mail art to send back to her, as well as to Jeannine, Juriko and Jessica. Four of my awesome J-friends!


SaylorMade said...

What a gorgeous journal! I love red ink on brown kraft paper!

Excited to hear about impending mail art!!!

kimi said...

They are quite charming. And yes, mail art is gathering, preparing for a trip to Canada! :)