31 December 2011

handmade cards

I really wanted to make handmade cards this year, but with one thing and another I just didn't have time. (New Resolution: plan better next time!) However, I was the delighted recipient of a number of handmade cards from artists in Japan and Canada, so I want to share them with you here and also send a huge "thank you!" to my accomplished, artistic friends. <3

from Ikecoo in Japan

Painted on both sides; folded and tied with yarn to keep closed.

Getting to know Ikecoo in the past couple months has been very inspiring. Although I cannot understand all the Japanese on her blog, I love looking at the photos she posts and the brilliant ideas she comes up with using materials that can be found anywhere. Check out these brightly colored lamps she made in a recent workshop (scroll down past the text to see two photos). Neat, hm?

from Kanae Nagashima in Japan

Kanae made her card with washi tape and a print of an elaborate wreath that she drew. You can see a gorgeous picture of the original on her blog.

from Yuuco in Japan
Also from Yuuco ~ beautiful papers that I'll use in my art!

Yuuco is generous, talented and has a gentle style and a big heart. I'm so glad I met her in 2011! You shouldn't miss this delicate wreath of screen-printed cotton leaves that she made "to heal our hearts hurt by the earthquake in March". She calls it, "Beautiful World" ~ and it really is.

from Pen Artist Santacc ~ a traditional kerchief & a printed card

Pen's artwork has a distinct style and I've really enjoyed all the pieces she sent over for our Trans-Pacific collaboration. Pen is also the owner of the Make Merry Box Gallery, where artists rent out little boxes to display and sell their work. You might enjoy a browse through the gallery's blog to see the huge variety of handmade goods there! Lots of fun!

from Shingo Akiyama in Japan

Shingo's art ranges in scale from giant murals to tiny paintings. I would love to know more about his process, materials and inspirations, and I hope to visit Japan one day to see his murals on the city walls. In the meantime, I treasure my original Akiyama card. Thank you, Shingo!

from Jeannine Saylor in Canada

She used her hand-carved pine cone stamps inside and out.

I feel so lucky to know Jeannine, who is not only talented and creative, but one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I love reading her blog and sharing ideas, gathering inspiration from each other. She's genuinely one of my favorite artists to talk to and follow along with her creations and works-in-progress. Additionally, she is really fun to exchange mail art with, and she is looking for more people to exchange with in the new year, so drop her a line!

*  *  *
Wasn't that a lovely tour? I really want to send something back to everyone. Thank goodness for Lunar New Year, which gives me a second chance to send my best handmade wishes! Thank you again, dear artist friends. ^_^


SaylorMade said...

Oh Kimi, I feel the same way about you! I always feel as though each of your tweets and blog posts are done with such love, joy and caring. Thank you for such kind words. I'm looking forward to seeing your art evolve and hearing about all of your shows. Happy New Year, friend!

Rosie Faragher said...

Mmm, it's nice seeing the Japanese ones next to the Canadian one. I especially love the one by Ikekoo! I have just got into using bright colours on brown paper too. Yummy.

kimi said...

Jeannine, I'm so happy to know you! One day, despite the distance, I'm sure we will meet face to face. :)

Hi Rosie! Yes, Ikecoo is so creative with cardboard! She has a cardboard sculpture in our upcoming show that's just as bright and amazing. I'll check your blog and hope you post some of your brown-and-bright too!

Kye Sangha said...

I love Shingo's card--but they are all so special! How fun, knowing so many artists, far and wide!

kimi said...

I do feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful artists through this blog and twitter. It's quite amazing to me sometimes!

Chantal said...

Ikecoo's work is so sweet! I'm going to check out more!