19 July 2011

clay play

My little one came ricocheting up the aisle of the art store with a colorful box tucked under his arm and one of those smiles that lets me know I'm probably about to buy something. The box turned out to be a set of Sculpey polymer clay and his smile was right ~ we bought it and brought it home to play.

He made these little finger friendlies and I made some flowers and random shapes and attached magnets to them. (I won't share them yet as I plan to send some in mail art packages to friends.)

It's always fun spending creative time with kids as they let their imaginations go and don't hold back. His unchecked enthusiasm encouraged me to do the same!


SaylorMade said...

I had the perfect visual with "ricocheting up the aisle". Ah, I know that all too well. Those look very cute and sounds like fun!

Thuraya Lynn said...

tell your little one he's so precious for words, his farm animals seem like great company.

kimi said...

Thanks Jeannine & Thuraya! If we all lived closer I'd say we could get together for an art party. :)

Juriko Kosaka said...

He seems to like making something like you:)
I like his penguin!

Anonymous said...

so cute! fimo and sculpey are so much fun!!! im hoping one of the treats is maybe for me... years ago, I made a bunch of wall hanging flowers out of fimo for my parents screened porch and they still have 2 or 3 up. Beautiful stuff - plastacine meets clay! what a win