05 December 2010

my california autumn

Inside, we've been admiring our decorated tree. But outside, the trees and plants are decorating themselves. Perhaps their ornaments are even more lovely.

The mini oranges are so tasty right now ~ tart but sweet.

This is the only blossom so I saved it, even though the rest of the bush got a good trim with the clippers.

Soon to come: a new flower. The bulbs popped up right after I planted them, but I can't recall what kind they are. It will be a surprise when the blossom is revealed.

Good ole rosemary always seems to have a bloom somewhere. The bees love it for that.

My most charming backyard jewel! She totally posed for this picture when I brought the camera out.

The lavender is drying from flower to seed. It smells so good. I like to harvest it and sew into little sachets for the laundry.

The geranium got a little too cold one night and all the leaves turned red. Still, it's doing its best to make some new flowers.

The ornamental pomegranates really look like ornaments, especially this time of year.

The peach tree's leaves are falling, falling into the water below. Before too long it will be bare and I won't have to keep skimming the pond twice a day.

The fish hide under the waterfall when I pass the net to catch up leaves.

That was a backyard tour. In the front, we've got the Christmas cactus right on schedule.

A little color in the flower bed.

Very happy mums!

Paper whites aplenty.

What do you see in the clouds?

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