07 November 2010

sketchbook project progress ~ {part 2}

I've got a title page, now ~ an imaginary road sign on an imaginary road in the Santa Cruz mountains.  I would like to neaten up the lettering with some white ink but will have to go buy some first.  Since I used watercolor on this spread, the paper is now kind of wrinkly and I'll be challenged by a dark spot or two on the next page where the color went through. 

I haven't been working on my Sketchbook Project nearly enough.  So many pages to fill and so little time!  Must resolve to do much more this month.

I'm very happy that my new twitter friend, Juriko, has also signed up for the Sketchbook Project after reading about it here on this blog.  When the tour comes to town, I'm definitely going to check hers out.  I've just been working so sporadically that I hope my sketchbook will be there to join hers.  I had better run off and get to work!

1 comment:

上坂じゅりこ Juriko Kosaka said...

Nice work!
Your delicate color is beautiful.
I like greens.

Thank you for saying about me!
I'm surprised!
I'm lucky to know this event.
Today I've got my sketchbook.
I singned up with my real name "Juri Kosaka".
Though I have a little time by 1/15,let's try it and enjoy it.